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Alberto Iglesias
Iglesias's long and fruitful relationship with Pedro Almodóvar has produced some of the most beautiful and memorable collaborations of music and film.
Barry Adamson
From the Manchester punk scene, through rock, pop, jazz, funk and electronic, Barry Adamson's music takes a sultry and edgy journey.
Craig Armstrong
Craig's career has crossed many musical genres from ground-breaking work with Madonna, U2, Björk and Massive Attack to award-winning scores for Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge.
David Sylvian
From the international success of his group Japan in the 1980s through his fascinating solo career, Sylvian is one of the most enduring experimental musicians.
Gabriel Yared
From the French classic Betty Blue to the Oscar-winning The English Patient and beyond, Yared's career proves he is simply one of the best film composers working today.
Gavin Clark
Haunting songs and uplifting classics, song-writing for the 21st century; Gavin Clark is a solo artist and voice of UNKLE, Sunhouse and Clayhill.
Geoffrey Burgon
Television would not be the same without Geoffrey Burgon - he has created some of the best-known soundtracks and themes including the international hit Brideshead Revisited.
Guy Farley
Guy's music includes sweeping orchestral scores, contemporary sound design and programming as well as collaborations with pop artists such as Sugababes and Amy Winehouse.
Miguel Mera
The Spanish roots of British composer Mera flow through his scores, the spacious landscapes and rhythmic vitality of the Galician language are clear influences on his music.
Joby Talbot
Joby's music has inspired some of the greatest choreographers of the moment and his scores have made him one of the most sought-after film composers.
Jocelyn Pook
A multi award-winning composer who writes music for film, television, theatre, dance and the concert platform, Pook's scores include Kubick's Eyes Wide Shut.
John Corigliano
Internationally-acclaimed and Academy Award-winning John Corigliano continues to add to one of the most celebrated bodies of work any composer has created over the last forty years.
John Harle
Harle has written for some great artists including Elvis Costello Sir Paul McCartney and his scores include Simon Schama's acclaimed History of Britain series.
John Tavener
He is the composer of deeply spiritual, otherworldly, heartfelt, heartstopping music - his Song for Athene was performed at the close of Princess Diana's funeral.
Ludovico Einaudi
The ambient and contemplative music Einaudi writes today is a fusion of eclectic styles: minimalist avant-garde combined with the influence of pop music.
Martin Creed
Turner Prize-winning artist, music has always been an integral part of Creed's practice writing for orchestra as well as his rock band.
Michael Nyman
From The Draughtman's Contract to Man On Wire via The Piano and Wonderland, Nyman's music is synonymous with unforgettable film.
Nico Muhly
Composing for film and concert as well as collaborating with Björk, Will Oldham and Sigur Ros, Muhly is one of the brightest young talents around.
Patrick Hawes
One of the most popular contemporary English composers, Patrick's CD Blue In Blue was a best-seller and went straight into the Classic FM Hall of Fame.
Philip Glass
Glass's eclectic career has seen him become one of the most influential contemporary composers working with some of the greatest directors of our time.
Richard Blackford
One of the most eclectic composers today, Richard has collaborated with Ted Hughes and Maya Angelou and scored hit dramas such as Fingersmith and Ruth Rendell Mysteries
Richard Rodney Bennett
Richard is equally at home in the worlds of jazz and classical music and he is one of the most consistently sought after film composers of his generation.
Tan Dun
Of his many works for film, Tan Dun's score for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon received an Academy Award for best original score.
Zbigniew Preisner
Poland's leading film composer, Preisner's collaborations with Krzysztof Kieslowski, including the Three Colours trilogy, has brought him international acclaim.
Anna Rice
Based in Dublin, Anna's score to Graham Cantwell's "Anton" earned her a nomination for Best Original Score in the 2009 Irish Film and Television Awards.

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Song of the Month

'Mind Trap' by Martin Creed

The Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed returns to us in 2014 with a new album 'Mind Trap.' 

The lead single from the album shares the album's title 'Mind Trap', the video for which is featured in the news section of the website.