Music Sales Land 4 of the Top 20 Ads for Songwriters in 2012
On behalf of PRS for Music, Music Week have released the Top 20 Most Played Music Tracks in advertising across television and radio in 2012 and Music Sales is proud to have four tracks featured.

The No. 5 spot goes to Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi, which we placed on a Santander Commercial.
No. 10 is The Sonics version of Have Love, Will Travel, which has been the music behind adverts for LV Car Insurance for two years.
At No. 12 is the Willie Nelson version of Bring Me Sunshine which soundtracked a global campaign for Coca-Cola.
The No. 16 spot sees the second entry from Ludovico Einaudi, this time for Snow Prelude No.3 in C Major, which was featured on a Nationwide commercial.

The list is a great insight into the changing landscape of the music industry, and we are really proud to feature as an independent publisher. 

“PRS for Music has discovered that in 2012 radio advertising accounted for £1.9m in broadcast royalties for its members, with television commercials netting £8m.  Of all music played on UK commercial television stations, approximately one minute of every ten is used solely in adverts.”

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